Earn 5 killing sprees in fiesta

Really? are you guys out of your mind,
you manage to make a fun game mode into a excruciating chore,
suck all the fun out of it,.
it takes longer than all the weeklies combined,
do i get a small map or big one, what weapons do i have - sidearms- and what enemies do.
do you want us to headbutt a wall all day


haha yeah it sucks. i just finished all weekly challenges expecting the armour coating and now greeted with a huge grinding challenge :frowning:

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I focused on getting it on smaller maps. I’d try to get the jump on sword/hammer users, or take them on at a little range with the bulldog or mangler. Once you have a melee weapon and one kill you’re in good position. I’m not saying it’ll be easy for you, but that’s what I did, and I don’t consider myself that great of a player.

I don’t think 5 killing sprees in pvp is unreasonable but it shouldn’t be restricted to just fiesta. Frenzies etc should count for the challenge as well but they do not. Fiesta is very random etc some games I have a spree or two, others I struggle to put something together.

Now I have to end 3 killing streaks in fiesta…that’s not a challenge that’s luck


Fortunately I only have to do one. Good luck with yours.

My final challenge was end 5 killing sprees in Fiesta…then I levelled up, got a swap challenge token and it swapped it out for 10 headshots which was done in 1 or 2 games. Can’t say I’m happy about the Ultimate challenge…got to 4 kills a few times but there’s always some -Yoink!- with a sword or hammer to ruin your spree!


Mine isn’t letting me swap the 5 killing sprees, so I buckled down and got 3 in one night. Gonna finish them tonight, but it wasn’t easy to achieve…

And fyi a killing frenzy does not count as 2 killing sprees. So when you get a killing spree, might as well let yourself get killed so you can start over.


Apart from some maps, where you can manage your distance to the enemies, it depends A LOT on sheer luck with your loadouts AND how capable your teammates are. I would reduce it to getting three or four kills without dying. Five kills seems too tough.

I got it done today but I had a miserable time doing it. The armour coating is beatiful, though.

You meant to say Use the Grav Hammer 5 separate times in Fiesta

Yup most of my 3 so far have been aided at least by hammer.

I’ve had to do this challenge three times this week, which means I’ve had to grind this game mode I hope the delete it.

What’s the issue? I got it in 2 games.


I don’t consider myself particularly great at this game but I didn’t find this very hard. I got it done in 5 matches I think.

Holy fuc4ing crap! This is just utter garbage!

I thought Destiny was bad!

I’ll be treating Halo exactly the same as Destiny. They will not see a cent from me, unless changes are made.

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I’m on this challenge right now and I feel it’s gonna drive me insane.

As many complaints as I have with the challenge system… this seems like one of the easier challenges IMHO. Killing sprees aren’t that uncommon in fiesta.

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I did it with swords, hammers, Cindershot and Needler. Tbh, I’m more pissed about the fact, that you can’t apply the reward (this lovely coating) to the Mark V or Yoroi core. That’s what bothers me most. All that grind and I can’t apply it to my favourite armor. :roll_eyes:

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This challenge has shown me how much these challenges are ruining my enjoyment of the game. If I get 4 kills in a life and then die, I get -Yoink!- pissed the -Yoink!- off. 4 kills in 1 life should have been a fun life but it wasn’t and my mood turned sour after being denied that stupid killing spree medal in a game mode where everybody can just spawn in with power weapons

It’s ultimately driven me to the point where I’ve decided I’m no longer going to engage with the challenges. I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’ll never actually level up but that’s okay since I need to drop money to be able to customize anything anyways.

I’m just going to play the game how I want to and the events, battlepass can shove it