Early release/ beta aside, I'm not impressed

Personal problem maybe it’s partly a connection/ hit registration issue, but it feels like aim assist and bullet magnetism have been reduced significantly if not out right removed. I’m sorry, but I shouldn’t be unloading entire clips of weapons into people with red crosshairs for most of my shots and still not kill him. An AR kills in a minimum of 12-13 shots, why does it frequently take over 2/3-3/4 of the mag to kill?

The radar still has yet to be fixed since H5. Unless I’m misunderstanding what 16m (or was it 18?) means, you should look at your shooting range. 16-18 meters is not 15 feet or less. Either I’m misreading/ misunderstanding something, or whoever works on the radar’s range has no idea how to measure distance. If it’s 18 meters, the range should be reaching close to the 20m barricades at the range, not when they’re close enough to shotgun rush me in any other game.

With so many weapons being changed/ replaced along with the gameplay differences, it almost feels like you’re trying to separate Infinite from the Halo that worked, that we loved. Otherwise, you want only ONE weapon for each role which doesn’t help anything.

  • The bot teammates are about as threatening as a Jackal. They’ll only be a hindrance unless they’re increased to ODST or Spartan.
  • Makes no sense that we spawn with AR + pistol in BTB when all the weapons that give you a chance are all over the place.
  • The SLOW level progression, the LIMITED customization, and over 2/3 of the battle pass items are locked behind a paywall. I shouldn’t have to grind the next MINIMUM of I think I calculated 1662 games on H5 to SR152 or pay you just to have black and red armor.
  • Sniper glare. Why did it return? If I wanted to quick scope people, I’d play COD or Destiny on maps wigh no good sniper lanes.
  • The Commando feels like a replacement to the DMR which wouldn’t have been necessary if not for the weapon tuning back in H4 that stayed in H5 that basically made the BR and AR the only regular weapons worth using.
  • The Stalker feels like a weaker, harder to use rip off of the Beam Rifle. It shouldn’t be a projectile weapon, if there is bullet magnetism for the weapon, that hurts it even more.
  • The Pulse Carbine is best described as a burst fire Storm Rifle with high accuracy and tracking. But it’s useless if there’s ANY cover for the enemy. It’s useless at close range, and if they’re too far or moving fast enough left or right, you’ll miss anyway. The Carbine and Needle Rifle were better in every way that mattered.
  • Any shotgun that can’t kill in one shot isn’t even worth using. The Bulldog was a mistake. It would’ve made more sense to bring back the Mauler if you wanted a weak shotgun. You already have the Heatwave, and even that’s not very good unless you switch it’s shot pattern from the default.
  • The Skewer, as fun as it is, is just a replacement to the Laser.
  • The Ravager is an even worse Brute Shot/ Concussion Rifle.
  • The Disrupter isn’t even worth using as a kill weapon, it’s a leech/ disabler weapon, but you kind of want to kill faster.
  • If it wasn’t a 4 round burst and combined the damage, I might have liked the Shock Rifle.
  • The Cindershot feels like a poorly made combination of the Fuel Rod and a Grenade Launcher, but tracks targets.

At this point, I can’t enjoy the series anymore. I’m not paying $60 for half of a game and another $10-20 for the battle pass for everything I should already be able to grind when the gameplay is even worse than Halo 3 on MCC before the fix that did next to nothing.


Legit, just go play MCC.

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damn bro its like every game nowadays just launch with perfect balancing and everything right. lmao go play minecraft.

At least every other game I’ve played doesn’t try to be something it’s not, beta or otherwise.

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dont get me wrong, ive played every single halo… and i love halo 2/3 BUT… in todays age, those games are trash man. things HAVE to change in order for this game to continue. if the old games were so BOSS… you would see MCC numbers through the roof… which they werent. so your opinion, well, is mute.

And I never said my opinion was fact nor did I say it does/ should it matter, not that it would to one of the biggest game developers today unless more than half the playerbase agreed with me that Infinite isn’t going to survive long if at all.

You’re not alone man.

Campaign looks good but I have not been feeling the MP at all.

I really liked Halo 5. I put more hours into Halo 5’s multiplayer than any other game ever.

Halo Infinite just feels like crap I can’t really put my finger on why but after a few days I’m totally burned out of it.

Every single person ive played halo with over the years bought MCC. neither the co op or the multiplayer even remotely worked and not one of them bothered to return to it. that collection was a disaster and it being empty doesnt remotely reflect the games “featured” in it.

My biggest problem with it now is that H3 has gotten basically everything.

HCE got a bit of content from PC and (if it hasn’t already) will get some from Custom Edition. Got visors, skins, and now MP skins are in classic campaign. Not to mention the HUD and sound updates in classic campaign.
H2 has gotten nothing nor will it if it is as unstable as people say. The best it’s gotten is improvement/ campaign fixes.
H3, Reach, and H4 have gotten Forge expansions.

However, H3 has gotten skins, expanded customization, new armor and imported armor from Halo Online, new/ ported weapons from another game, new maps, MP skins in campaign, I’m surprised armor effects haven’t been fully implemented yet.
Reach has only gotten GRD, a few helmets, and I think that’s it.
H4 just got armor effects and they returned cut content to us both from the original and MCC ports such as the Blast BR skin and Prefect armor respectively.

The only thing H2A got was a map when they ported ODST to MCC. A map that THEY remade even though the new Forge mode gave us the means to remake basically every map where the time of day and weather/ biomes were not an issue. Then they released a single armor set not long after the current season began.

@NightfireX_INC Absolutely correct, excellent point.