Early multiplayer access

There has been a rumor that multiplayer will be early access if this is true how to I get early access as a multiplayer player this is a dream for me tbh.

Nothing has been officially said, the rumor was from when it showed up on Microsofts website with a pre early access bundle, which is also around same time it was available to press, so most likely that was not meant for us. It could be a possibility of course, if it does happen it will most likely only be a few days early. But until there is any official word, just have to assume it’s on 8.12


From what I saw from the Microsoft store screen shot regarding early access. It said that it would be on Nov. 15.
Just saw that Microsoft’s anniversary presentation is the same day.
Who’s willing to bet that early access will be available to all Game Pass ultimate subscription holders as a surprise thanks?

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I would bet everything I have that we will not be playing on November 15th.


Maybe it is a MP Public Beta.