Early Morning Halo 6:30-10ish EST

Hi all, I’m a 40 year old gamer with all the things that come with that: wife, kid, pet, job, house payments…life’s responsibilities makes it hard for me to free up game time on the weekdays. In those early morning hours on Saturday and Sunday before my family awakes, I put on the headphones and enjoy some Halo.

I thought I’d throw out a thread inviting anyone interested to join me bright and early on the weekends. I know this time is pretty early and even I don’t wake up EVERY time. So if you can’t sleep, and find yourself online when the sun comes up, please feel free to send a friend request and lets party up and we can…

[/li]- hit up the latest Spartan-Ops

  • go for those tough weekly campaign skull challenges for our 40K
  • jump into some war games against other crazy morning folk
  • check out some custom maps we may be working on