Early Halo 4 story revealed!!!!

This is copied from the acclaimed Bungie.net forum The Flood. Okay, this member messaged 343 about Halo 4, and they confirmed this:

The “planet” in the trailer… it’s actually a ginormous spaceship. In the beginning of the game, the tractor beam takes the Forward Unto Dawn into the ship. The Chief is taken to the leader and the leader gives him two options, be enslaved or resist. The Chief, of course, shoots his way out.

2-3 Missions into the game, you find a group of stranded spartans on the ship. The Chief is made their leader and they team up. There ARE Forerunners in the game… but the true enemy, I can’t release much about that. And the Chief’s armor looks different, it will sort of change back to normal in the game.

That’s all I have for now. Ciao!

Seems possible but the flood isn’t exactly a trustworthy source. I’ll wait to hear it straight from 343.


That could not be more made up. That sounds like some lame fanfic of a 10 year old Halo fan desperately wanting to get some attention.