Each person having different loadouts in MM

Would any of you want each person on teams to have a different loadout from everyone else.

For example, no more than one person on a team can have BR or Pro. Vision or same weapon drop. Each player has to have something different and before the match you can vote what playlist you want. I know it won’t happen because it would conflict with personal customization, but I’m speaking hypothetically maybe one playlist.

I’m just seeing it as where CoD sort of fails. Everyone uses the same -Yoink-. Almost like there’s no point in customization.

and people shouldn’t be forced into using a loadout they don’t like just because someone else beat them to it thanks to having a better connection to the host or being the host.

my thoughts

What about for those that come into a match with a full team of friends that have different strategies of gameplay?

Then they have different stratagies of gameplay they can choose their own weapons that they perfer and then go kill people, no matter what if you have a full team and you are talking, most likely you are going to win, unless the randoms are comunicating or you just really suck. You win some you lose some. There is nothing you can do about it. The team that has the best communication usually always wins. I like the New loadout system it saves me a lot of trouble trying to find a BR or a DMR, I hate the AR, pretty much useless unless youre right in the guys face