Each game should have its own set of playlists

343… Look at every other Halo ever made. There is a set of ranked and social playlists. Why not make it so that each game has its own set of playlists? You don’t even have them organized! There is no structure to which playlists are ranked and social. Some of these fixes seem so simple to me as someone with a bachelors in Computer Science. Like really?!? c’mon 343!

use your brain, if there are 40 playlists there will be 10 people searching in each playlist maximum. aka 3 hour search times.

Yeah. Population is way to small

You are assuming you know the population of the game, which you don’t and is now currently growing since it works somewhat. However, you are probably right about having too many playlists with both ranked and social. There are 12 playlists right now. I am suggesting something like this:
Halo 2, 3, 4 ranked playlists for each:
Team Slayer
Double team
Cross game social playlists:
Rumble pit

That would be around the same number of playlists as what is currently, actually exactly the same amount if you used those playlists specifically. I honestly don’t care about halo 1 ranked but I know thats just my opinion. If you think there should be no changes to the playlists then you don’t understand the importance either tradition or organization to the Halo fan base.