E3 Gameplay analysis

I’m really excited for Halo 4, and I cannot wait for launch day and the next E3 footage to be on the website. So heres my analysis for the campaign footage:

  1. The graphics are beautiful and it looks like I’m right there in the action.
  2. The weapons dropped by the Promethean Crawler and the Promethean Knights seem to build itself.
  3. The “Light Rifle” seems like a Promethean DMR that seems powerful.
  4. The “Scattershot” seems like a Promethean Shotgun but maybe has a maximum effective range slightly larger than the Human Shotgun.
  5. The aesthetic helmet seems to bob around when Chief bounces, though very unnoticable and the HUD is unaffected.
  6. The MA5D ICWS Assault Rifle seems to be more powerful compared to the MA37 and the MA5C, thanks 343 Industries!
  7. The Elite that was about to attack MC was disintergrated to dust from a Promethean.
  8. An upgraded VISR mode.
  9. When someone talks in COMMS for the first time in the mission, a tiny video screen appears showing the person talking. Does not appear when they talk over COMMS again.
  10. At the end, MC gets surrounded as the Infinity’s COMMS Officer (?) cry’s out for help again and Knights teleport in and then a Knight hits the MC, knocking him to the ground, and MC is attacked again causing the scene to go black.
  11. MC appears to speak during campaign, though very rarely, either that or it’s my head.
  12. Knights can teleport and move very fast.
  13. Sentry Bots can create shields and catches grenades and tosses it back at the player.
  14. Setry Bots appear to accompany the Knights from time to time.

Thats it for now, I’ll add more later.

I may do an analysis for future E3 footage, such as Spartan Ops and Multiplayer.

I agree completely, it reminds me alot of Combat Evolved, it has sort of a mystery feel to it…

  1. I think that they’re actually a part of the Promethean AI, like Sentinels.
  2. Agreed.
  3. I hope it’s possible to help him out.
  4. Yeah really nice.
  5. I hope the teleport isn’t abused. On the other hand, the transition to melee seems to start a quick time event.
  6. They’re much better than Engineers
  7. I think they’re spawned from the Knights, kinda like how Carriers spawn Infection Forms

Heres a rather small Spartan Ops analysis.

  1. Comes with a little movie thats porbably a few minutes long.
  2. 5 missions with each episode.
  3. Requires Xbox Live. I think I have an idea to get my main gamertag, JallerDamien, to connect to Silver so I can play Spartan Ops with my main account. I’m fine with playing alone.
  4. You use your customizable Spartan-IV.

Thats my Spartan Ops analysis.