e-sports focus could bring halo 5 to PC

We all know that 343 wants to see Halo truly thrive as an e-sport, with CS:GO levels of spectatorship and tournaments.
To accomplish this, wouldn’t it be logical to bring it to PC? Because many hold a belief that if it’s not mouse and keyboard, it’s not truly competitive. It also opens up the possibility of making Windows gaming a powerhouse service.
What reinforces this prospect is Phil Spencer’s attitude towards xbox-PC crossover. He believes that it’s simply a matter of hardware preference: some people like console more than PC. And that if an xbox game made it to PC, there wouldn’t be a mass exodus from xbox to PC. People who like xbox will play it on xbox and people who like PC will play it on PC. Either way, microsoft profits.
Personally, I think Halo is synonymous with the Xbox brand. Putting it on PC hurts that brand. If xbox were the more powerful console, it could get by with the “console gamers will stick to consoles”. The reality would be that if all Xbox games were cross-plat with PC, the best way to game would be with a PC-PS4 combo.
What do you guys think?

Halo franchise is one of the front-line games that drive some people to buy the Xbone IMO so I find this unlikely :frowning: (Halo 5 is the only reason I’m going stick with the Xbone)

They should keep it an xbox exclusive I would feel cheated in a way if they put it on pc.

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> They should keep it an xbox exclusive I would feel cheated in a way if they put it on pc.

Why? How would it directly affect you? The Xbox one is basically a mini Windows 10 pc specifically for gaming. You’d still be getting the game on a couch-comfy console. MS is clearly trying to push Windows 10 and bringing their heavy hitters would boost the windows gaming better than before.

> 2533274883217185;3:
> They should keep it an xbox exclusive I would feel cheated in a way if they put it on pc.

Hmm but what if xbox evolves into something more than a console? You do know phil spencer does sit at the Windows leadership table and the next xbox brand device could be a windows pc in a shell that has the xbox labeling on it and will probably be their attempt to get windows in the living room right? What will you say then?

There have been a spike in sales for Xbox One recently, mainly because Halo 5 (Halo is a console seller, and 5 proves that). I’m seeing tons of posts on sites like reddit of people with Halo 5 collectors edition, Halo 5 Xbox One, etc.

It could be only on console for a year, maybe two, but there has been a lot of speculation it will make its way onto PC with windows 10.

i don’t think halo 5 should come to PC at all and neither should the servers be cross platform. if pc should get a halo i think it would be wise not to give them the whole Mcc either and just Halo 2 anniversary.

If Halo 5 comes to PC people will hack it, that’s why consoles are better there easier to keep an eye on.

Halo sells xbox one’s. Having it on pc takes away from xbox ones it sells. I don’t want that to happen. Xbox is my console, I’ve invested a lot in it. I bought an xbox one for games like halo and gears, games that are only on xbox. I’ve paid my subscriptions to play these games online. So why would I want exclusive titles ported to the pc that will take away from people playing these games on a console I’ve invested in. I don’t want anything to jeopardize the longevity of the console I’ve invested in.

With the xbox one being a win 10 device, it’s not a big deal.