Dyson Sphere, Halo Series counterpart "Shield Worlds"

Within the Halo Universe they have been presented in Halo 3’s Legendary Ending, Halo Wars, Halo Legends, and Halo: Ghosts of Onyx & Halo: Glasslands that was recently released.

Share your theories what possibilities these Mega Structures can do other than what we already know so far…

Built to harvest the output of the sun, using the energy for industrial purposes in war power and/or habitation for survival.

My theories what these “Forerunner Shield Worlds” are capable of other than what the novels, films, and video games explain and display them as for protection against The Flood and the activation of the Halo Array. They are equiped with “FTL” drives surrounding the sphere or has the technology to create a portal to move from point A to point B from Galaxies.

Also there could be other structures that can provide portal travel for Mega Structures, example The Ark. Purposes? Harvest other suns maybe. To explore other systems, galaxies away from the Flood threat and finding a cure against the virus.

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