Dynamo grenades should become equipment

Vehicles are too easy to counter for a few reasons:
-map design forcing vehicles to take predictable thin paths
-the sheer number of weapons that easily kill/disable them
-the relatively low health vehicles have

The worst offenders here are the Dynamo grenades. You get 2 of them, they have a fast travel speed, and disable a vehicle for a pretty long time. Making them a one use charge equipment would make people consider other options and limit the super easy no skill vehicle counters each match.

Halo 3 made the Power Drain equipment and it worked great. Infinite has even more vehicle countering tools and they really need to cut back on them per map for vehicles to ever become viable. As of now you are really just giving the enemy team kills when you get in anything besides a wasp and a scorpion (if you keep the scorpion near your spawn and don’t flip spawns).


Maps don’t work great for vehicles, this is something 343 oughtta be made aware of.

This is more of a vehicle problem. Although, it has gotten better now that the vehicles have been buffed. If the driver can dodge everything better, you’ll be fine.

They seem to be better now, again, just dodge hazards.

That’s kind of the point. They can even stop tanks. As for things like the warthog, you still have your turret. In fact, the wraith and scorpion still have their turrets.

But then they’d never be used. There are alternatives for destroying a vehicle with equipment. The repulsor can flip it over, the grapple can lead to a hijack. Making the dynamo grenades into, not a grenade, makes them “pointless”. Dynamo grenades spawn on 4v4 maps too, having them as an equipment would take away from other equipments that are more useful for the game (such as thrusters).

This seems more like “skill issue”, the warthog can be very viable for kills. You just need a good driver and gunner. As for the scorpion and wasp, the scorpion is limited by mobility, but can be very powerful. The wasp is probably one of the main reasons there are so many vehicle counters. Either way, a good pilot can rack up kills quickly.

They need more neutral spawn locations and longer timers


See all of that is my point. In no other Halo have we had this many no skill easy counters to vehicles. And its not a skill issue on my part for vehicles being bad. If anyone has above 0 skill they will chuck 2 dynamo nades, not only do they stop the vehicle but they will drain you shields leaving you an easy target since you have to drive down very narrow paths.

Vehicles are just too easy to counter and it shouldnt be so. The variety of ways you can counter a vehicle is too high. They are all over the map too. In the middle, at each base, and then 1/4 way into the map their are spots that have them.

In Halo 3 you had to kind of fight for the anti vehicle weapon’s now it just gives them to quite a few people on each team so vehicles are just never worth it.

Yea having 4~ Dynamo spawns per BTB map on 30s spawn timers is too bloody much.

And each spawn of Dynamo has 2 stocks. That’s 8 Dynamos which outnumber the total number of static spawning vehicles per map. Bloody hell, who thought this was a good idea?

I would be fine with them nerfing the shock grenades of pvp but leave them alone in campaign


They should change it so the dynamo grenade has to get within a certain radius, to slow the vehicle down and otherwise you have to physically hit a vehicle with a dynamo to actually disable it.

Simple stuff.