Dynamic Weapons Discussions (Randomized Weapon Spawns)

I’m not sure if this is an issue the community as a whole has had thus far, but I strongly, STRONGLY dislike the way the weapon spawning system feels. The fact that I can’t go to one spot and get THAT weapon that I really like because the game randomly decided something else was going to spawn is a total bummer. This also speaks to a larger issue of most maps feeling the same, playing the same, and having the same strategies generally amongst the weapon sandbox choices. In short, it homogenizes the maps and robs them of potential character that the maps themselves could have. Think like in classic games where Covvie maps would have Covvie weapons, and Human maps would have more human weapons. This would make maps even more distinct and I believe create a better play environment, and overall happier players. What is everyone’s thoughts on the subject?


I actually like 343’s approach on this one, but I do sympathize with your views. I suspect that 343 will tone it down once the full game is released. I believe they are using the current model to gain data and determine the best weapon combinations for each map. I also think they might be planning on switching up the weapon spawns with each season, to keep the game fresh.

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I think it’s to give more players a chance of using the weapon. I’m fine with it in social although some weapons aren’t exactly balanced so I think they should be random for the game, but not the base spawns. One team shouldn’t get a Shock Rifle of the other Tema gets a Stalker Rifle. Although maybe that happened anyway, it feels like I can always get either if I want actually.

It’s fixed for ranked which is important.

It think it’s an interesting idea for 4v4, in BTB however I feel like spawns should be static to promote map memorization cos’ of the chaos that mode brings.

I think it’s just an issue of what weapons are on rotation. They could easily have covenant/banished/human weapons only on certain maps, or a strong prominence of them.

Personally, I think they’re fine.

I really am not a fan of rotating weapon spawns. Static Spawns have always been a Halo staple. I sincerely hope they end up making them static.


I REALLY don’t like it to be honest. I just wish it was simple like it was. I should know what I’m getting.

I think the randomized weapon spawns are great for QP, however they take away from the Ranked experience.

Thankfully they are not in ranked.

I dislike the concept because I don’t see what it brings to the table except to confuse people.

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Wait really? I could’ve sworn the Bazaar map I played the other day had plasma pistol where the mangler should’ve been in one match

I also dislike this. If you are playing a good team and they get all BrlR spawns and your team gets commando spawns prepare to be bent over. Same with shock rifle vs stalker rifle. One is barely usable the other is a better sniper rifle than the S7

So far the semi-randomised weapon spawns have been much less irritating than I expected they’d be, and I actually appreciate how it gives you more weapon variety from match to match. So far the only setup that I found extremely annoying was getting Snipers and Commandos on Behemoth - the Skewer on that map is fine because of the drop and travel time making it difficult to hit man-sized targets at long range, but two Snipers is downright oppressive and doubly so when the BR, which can effectively supress a sniper from long range is replaced entirely by the Commando which can’t do squat against a Sniper.

dynamic weapon spawns cause confusion. It’s really that simple.

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Yeah so far I’ve not noticed any weapon location changes in ranked. Switching between social and ranked still messes you up though.

They said it in the ranked video iirc.