Dynamic Objectives

I was looking at some of the trailers for the remastered maps for H2A, and I had a small idea. Looking at the gametypes that Halo has, most of them, like Oddball, CTF and KotH, have been around for yonks and even today are merely reskinned for the next title. If you look at them closely, they’re a bit dated.

I’m not saying any of them need replacing, they’re classic and indispensable. But I think with all of the tech upgrades the franchise is getting, perhaps it’s time to add in some more interesting, dynamic objectives.

This is also partly inspired by Dominion and Invasion, I should also add. Invasion was well loved by many, whilst Dominion got swept under the rug quite quickly. I enjoyed it, but I don’t know about you lot. Dominion’s problem was its complexity, whilst Invasion’s problem was the first two sections were basically just one-sided KotH. These ideas sort of merge the two gametypes together, shortening it a bit along the way.

<mark>Generators</mark>: Inspired by the Reach Firefight mode, which didn’t work very well in all honesty since the maps weren’t right. ANYWAY.

  • One team is offence, the other defence. This could be Spartans vs Elites, or Spartans vs Spartans, or anything really.

  • The attackers attempt to destroy the heavily shielded generators whilst the defenders defend them. The generators are at the centre of bases, which contain many defence mechanisms that can be activated by the defenders, like auto-turrets, shield walls, hydraulic presses, pitfalls, arc pylons from Dishonored and so on.

  • Upon the destruction of a generator, all defences for that base cease functioning, and the attackers gain a point. The round lasts until the last generator is destroyed, or time expires, whereupon the sides switch. If both sides get a perfect score, the winner is decided by times taken to win.#

If I get more ideas, I’ll post them, but for now just tell me what you think of this one, and the idea in general.

Think more of the Unreal Tournament Assault… battle phases or rounds would work better.

Think of Halo 3’s map High Ground… specifically the pipe entrance and the breached bunker; they were stealthy. And the terminal and door made it easier for access with vehicles.

My guess the generators should yes be the main functional power to defences to which temporarilly disengaging from the main objective, and attack them would render a advantage via easier access and vehicular support.

However the phases should really work like:

  • Breach base/Destroy Generators
  • Eliminated Defenses
  • Destroy HQ Terminal/Capture Power Cell

While I like the Gen Defense idea, I think it would be better suited to an optional objective that helps the attacking team complete their primary objective. This would be similar to opening the doors on High Ground, Standoff and Zanzibar.