Dynamic elements making a return?

I noticed on Eden that there is a dynamic map element. When you’re outside and shoot a certain spot on that center piece of cover, it will go in the ground and 2 corner pieces of cover will pop up.

Does this mean dynamic elements are making a return in halo 5?

What do yall think?

Why wouldn’t they? If they could add it for H2A, why not Halo 5?

Well it was only that one map and it wasn’t that big of an element.

Actually there are also a couple of generators on Eden in bottom mid that when shot in the back raise up and add a clamber route up to the catwalks. It’s pretty neat.

Also the shields on Truth count as dynamic.

Never noticed the clamber routes. But I like that you can pop the shields. A dude was looking at me and he was dancing behind the shields thinking I couldn’t get him then I popped the shields and killed him.

I definitely think there should be dynamic events IF they help the Arena gameplay and map. What I mean are things like opening new routes for a short time, shields that get shot down, new cover. Not things like those bridges in Stonetown and the shield in Zenith. Those didn’t really help gameplay, as the shield wasn’t in an optimal position.