Dusting off the classics

Well there is only 1 other pistol variation (standard halo 5 extended magazine)…what if we add more or we can add other older pistols in the game. Im tallking about permanent unlimited use weapons. The halo 2 (M6C) pistol is a idea i had a while back…It would have half the damage the regular pistol would have but it would be rapid fire. The Halo ODST magnum (M6C/SOCOM) it would be silenced, slightly faster fire rate of the regular pistol same damage but maybe a shorter clip(yes i know this is basically already in the game but a permanent use item)? What about the Halo 3 smg (M7) or the Halo 3 ODST smg(M7S)? One idea is the Classic Assault rifle (MA5B) basicly little less damage same 64 round mag but same rate of fire it had in Halo 1. The final one is the halo 1 and 3 flamethrower (M7057), it would have the same stats as it did in halo 3 or 1.