Duplicate Warzone REQ Bundles

I realise I’m probably beating a dead horse here, but may as well post.

Let me preface this with the fact that I’m now aware of 343’s post clarifying that “any token codes applied to an account that previously purchased the Warzone REQ Bundle after January 25 will be lost.” albeit a bit too late.

However, it was only after a lot of digging that I found this, it is not at all obvious unless you’re someone who follows forum posts. There should at the very least be validation on code redemption stating that “You already own this item.” or “Sorry you may only have one Warzone bundle per account”. and it’s because of this lack of information or support that I’ve just wasted a Warzone REQ bundle code that I could have easily given to a friend instead of thrown money down the drain.

I recently purchased the Limited Edition version of Halo 5 as I fancied the little extras it came with, like the Guardian model, as well as it being pretty cheap.
Keep in mind that I already have the original version of the game AND the Warzone REQ bundle from near the release of Halo 5, as I bought it from the REQ store.

The Limited Edition version included a single code to redeem multiple items: The Fall of Reach animated series and the Warzone REQ bundle. I jumped straight in and redeemed it, thinking I would receive another set of 14 Warzone packs due to recalling recent talks that meant those who had redeemed 2 Warzone REQ bundle codes were given the second set of packs that they were owed. Only now have I found out that the cut-off was January 25th.

Even if I was aware of the REQ bundle being wasted - to redeem The Fall of Reach I would have no choice but to waste the Warzone REQ bundle included.

Forum Team, is there anything you can do to assist me? Even if it is generating another Warzone REQ bundle code that I can give away to a friend or by manually adding the 14 packs to my account?

I appreciate any support, thanks.

I have had this same problem. I bought the halo 5 edition console, that came with warzone req packs, and the model. Have you assembled it , as I have not. Anyway, I now get duplicate armor and weapons when I open gold packs.this is a bit frustrating because I pay money for the packs in addition to using req points. Also, I got the commendation for killing promethian soldiers bit when I went to open the req packs, it was gone.

I’ve not tried assembling it yet mate, it looks pretty fiddly haha. :slight_smile:

I really do hope 343 address some of the issues in this post, fingers crossed eh?

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Any updates?

Nope. Not yet.

Looking for any assistance, forum team?

Posting in hopes this gets addressed!

i have not seen anyone get a refund or packs for this. i have seen a lot of unanswered post to this with ppl saying the same thing about anything bought after that date wont be able to cash in. also if 343 gives it back ot one person they would have to give it back to everyone who made the mistake you made and i dont see them doing that unfortunately

This any many other ways they try and figure out how to con you into buying their products. 343 are con artist professionals. Saying that they make all the info clear to us is a lie. I saw nothing about one use only until it was downloaded. Not to mention me shelling out for other Req packs in game…

Looking for a response from the Forum Team.

I got my 14 packs today! Looks like they’ve been manually added to my account.

Count yourself lucky, I’m pretty sure that my issue will never be resolved.