Duos / Trio / Squads in Last Spartan Standing

I think Duos / Trios / Squads (4 players) fighting in LSS would be an interesting twist.

Rewatching the cutscenes speaking to being about working together with your wingman or team in the field might be an interesting way to refresh the mode. 10 to 5 individual teams (I forget how many are allowed in a match) might make it interesting and have each team roam the map as a pack of wolves.

The question would be would the team or the individual have a pool of lives? Multi-team attrition with individual performance upgrading your weapons might be a way to draw more in.

I think you’ll be pretty excited about certain modes coming to Halo Infinite after Season 3, because I hear we’re supposed to be getting a Battle Royale, large player count version of Last Spartan Standing. Might work a little differently but same base concept

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