Duos Last Spartan Standing when?

I’m having a lot of fun in LSS so far. The obvious downsides are the ridiculous amount of power up drops and the circle being too slow and not random.

However… I’d be having SO MUCH MORE FUN If I could play doubles in this mode. Would be amazing. 5 shared lives. 30 second revive bleed out timer. Playing alone is fun but boring after a while. If I could duo up this game mode would have much more replayability for me.

If we never see duos in this mode it will be a crying shame.


I really hope Duos and Quads rotates in, probably less likely Quads but still.


Yeah maps and player count are too small for quads but I think duos could work out nicely


Duos are mostly what I’d love to see as it adds a spicy aspect to it. Do y’all think they’ll add more players total to the game with LSS Duos?

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343 hates anything to do with Doubles at this rate. Was a standard party size in every game mode during the Bungie era, only to be a rotated in mess at best since 343 took over the franchise. It’s sickening tbh.


Oh god no not another medic challenge.
“Revive 3 spartans on LSS Doubles”
I cant take it man i wont do it ya hear!

I personally haven’t been having fun with it. I couldn’t pull out a win till I rolled around a bit, and figured out you’re just supposed to get the mangler and hide till you can just repeatedly go invisible and run at the last other guy who’s at his last life. now I get top 3 pretty consistently at least.

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This is one of those things i had no idea i needed till you menteioned it. I think that would be great ngl.