Duke Button Layout is Incorrect

On Master Chief Collection the “Duke” button layout is incorrect.

The Left Bumper is switch grenades and Right Bumper is flashlight.

This is backwards. On the Original Xbox Controllers White was Use Flashlight and Black was Switch Grenade Types.

So there is no way to play with an Xbox 360 or Xbox One, or (Hyperkin) Duke controller with 100% original Halo CE/ Halo 2 controls.
On Xbox 360 it was always LB = White Button and RB=Black Button

PLEASE can this oversight be switched during the next update? I like my Halo CE and Halo 2 Button layouts to be default and this is literally the only thing in the way.

If anyone knows a workaround or if i am mistaken please let me know.

This might be better posted in the feedback thread:

Or if you think it’s a bug, you can file a support ticket: https://aka.ms/HaloSupport