Duel wielding

Will you guys be adding duel wielding in Halo infinite like halo 2 and 3 had and if you are, how will it work with equipment?

They said multiplayer and campaign are balanced differently, so there’s no excuse not to have dual wielding in campaign.

In my opinion it’s better without dual wielding like in halo ce, 3 odst, Reach, 4 and 5. But it’s just an opinion.

Yes, dual wielding.

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> Yes, dual wielding.

what do you mean?
yes you want it?
Yes they confirmed to add it?

I’ve wanted duel wielding to return since Reach. That and the Flamethrower. I have no idea why Halo ever stepped away from those things, but it was a bad idea to, and their absence has been felt. They aren’t necessary, but they should be in the game.