Duel Wield

Duel wield is awesome and they really need to bring it back

No, dual wielding was super imbalanced (ie: under powered). Holding two really weak close range weapons isn’t worth giving up grenades, scopes and melee attacks.

Not to mention most of the dual wieldable weapons are no longer in the game (ie: Spiker, Mauler, Plasma Rifle) plus the SMG and Pistol both have scopes which means they wouldn’t be able to be dual wielded anyways.

Even if it wasn’t all flash and no balance, it would be stupid of them to reintroduce it now, forcing a major redesign of the sand box at this point in development. I would rather that the weapons dual wield completely ruined in H2 are actually useful on their own, anyway.

I enjoyed duel wielding in close combat but that was all it was good for.

I want my duel wield 343! I’ll quit if you don’t put it in, no H5 for me! Sarcasm off now. See what I did there?

It would be cool if they put it in, personally I loved it lol, thought it was crazy fun. But the game changed. O well.

It’s was a nice, cool thing in Halo 2, and 3. But mostly I just use “two handed” guns.

Don’t see the point as hardly anyone actually dual wields. They’re either using a power weapon or using a BR. As much as i enjoy dual wielding (we’re probably among the few who actually do) there isn’t much point in it. Not to mention weapons become weaker so when you do double them up they can gain some power.