Duel weild energy sword

all my friends online have been saying wouldnt it be cool to duel weild energy swords so i wanna know does this sound like a good idea for halo 4

Well, since duel wielding isn’t in Halo 4, I don’t see it happening unfortunately.

Duel-wielding Energy swords? Don’t think so and it’ll be too overpowered hence why the needlers in H3 were taken out for duel wielding

yeah it would be overpowered i think they should make a crossbow kind of weapon

It should replace your only weapon. No secondary at all, just your 2 swords.

Well the sword kills enemies in a single hit in multiplayer, so being able to have two at once is rather useless gameplay-wise asides from being able to attack a bit faster. Using a ranged weapon with a sword would, on the other hand, would take away any disadvantage you have when using a sword, making it too powerful.

In plus, dual wielding isn’t coming back for Halo 4 anyway, so it won’t happen.


oh yeah