Dude, you should work for 343i. Uhmmmm

I am a huge fan of Halo. I love the story, the music, the art, the gameplay. But when people tell me “you should work for 343 Industries, then you can work on Halo material!” My answer is “HELL NO!”

Why? Because this is a hobby and a passion that I use as a means to escape reality. A different universe to enjoy. I can take enjoyment in something without being involved in creating it. Because if I have a job where I work at that, then it’s not just a passion anymore. It’s a requirement. An obligation. And a huge cause of stress. And then I’m not gonna have the same feelings for it as I did before. Because then I’m going to be constantly worried if I’m doing it right.

Just because someone enjoys reading stories doesn’t mean they’re meant to write the next books.