dude seriously what even is this

i just played a few games umm 7 i think in crimson dlc playlist and i’m genuinely terrified. i had 2 games where everyone dropped out and it said i won the first time it kicked back to search ok i got kicked which shouldn’t be happening on my internet at all but the second one errr how dare it it kicked all but me then kicked me back in on the opposite team which was losing by 4 captures 3 of which were mine my former team had kicked on god mode and where using what amounts to chainsaws ar 1 shot no sheilds rifle insta-death but only on me then the next match it went to host migration said 3 guys where leaving the two then none then the three again and then it started back with a different score their teams score up by 5 our score down by 2 it was KoTH so not a big deal i played a few more minutes scored a kill on one of the in-out guys and before the score registered i was kicked again to be honest this is the least insane thing i’ve seen on this game so either i’m constantly modded on, my 360 is possessed, or you pulled your net code from donkey kong i assume its the latter

> i’m constantly modded on

WTF is ‘modded on’?

i tend to talk alot of smack and at presumed modders i’m usually wrong some bad game mechanic tends to cause most problems but i got 3 one time and they hi-jacked my connection after the banhammer dropped and just screwed with me for about a year before they got caught i was targeted or “modded on” like a test subject

They didnt “mod on you” your account was compromised.

It’s called lag, I don’t understand why everyone freaks out so much when it happens to them.

you can call it whatever you like they manipulated my internet connection to pull me into games where they had made new accounts never did anything happen to my profile

now the second guy the first one lag i even said so the second one not lag
lag doesn’t cause two players to switch teams in mid game the third one probably lag but massive and disruptive it shouldn’t be happening