Dual wielding... The best halos have it

I think the way you balence it is with its ammo so if you are dual wielding you feel like every bullet counts

Also having it so you can only dual weild the same weapon so you can’t run an SMG with the pistol you would have to run double SMGs

I’d like to see old weapons come back I feel like the current pistol we have is a stronger version of the halo 2 pistol, I personally prefer the halo 5 style pistol


The biggest issue with Dual Wielding is how it contradicts Halo’s golden triangle.
Guns. Grenades. Melee.

All players should be able to do it at all times, whenever they decide to.

Dual Wielding effectively kills Melee and Grenades for the duration, and if you do melee or grenade, you eliminate your own dual wielding. And of course there’s the balance part where they nerfed all dual wieldable guns making them perform poorly on their own, which was why the BR was so dominant in H2 and H3 specifically.

There is no way to balance Dual Wielding because it’s akin to picking up a Mounted Turret. You sacrifice so much for slightly higher firepower. Too strong and everyone’s using it. Too weak and no one uses it. There has never been a case in H2 or H3’s history where Dual Wielded weapons were the mainstay, because even though the PP + Magnum combo was powerful in H2, it ultimately lost to BXR and BR’s superior range.

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The best Halos may have had it, but that’s not what made them the best.
Of course, all of this is subjective.

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You make a bold statement ‘the best halos have it’

Then say it’s subjective

Make your mind up perhaps?

Here is this, for your information:

adjective - based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.

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the most critically acclaimed and universally praised halo games have it, if thats better.


I do miss dual wielding Plasma Rifle with Pistol or SMG, really this was the only combo that absolutely shredded in close quarters, but as @Sodium_Bath said, you’d get dominated in open space by the BR, and in H2 there was no way you’d kill someone even in close quarters who was proficient with BXR. Not to mention you get beaten by literally any close quarters weapon. You lose to shotgun, sword, and hammer in close quarters. So while it was a fun novelty, there really was no time that dual wielding was ever really advantageous. I think it’s best left in the past.

Personally, the triangle arguement is kinda not right. Think of it as breaking the triangle to gain a massive advantage in one area. Dual welding would have worked better if the weapons didn’t do half the damage solo and full damage dual. It should have been full damage solo and either 1.5 or 2x dual with the sacrifice of grenades, accuracy, equipment melee, losing one to get in vehicles and sprinting & clambering if it was in Infinite, that’s how I’d balance the dual welding issue.

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Sure the “best Halos have it,” but I can’t remember any significant times where I actually utilized dual wielding, and I usually saw an opponent who dual wields as a free kill.

The only times I’d really use it were in campaign. Although the SMG/Plasma Rifle combo in Halo 2 did shred, it was the only actual good combo imo.

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it was really excellent in the campaign, mostly as it served as a higher powered weapon, while just being something you can commonly find

Except the massive advantage basically doesn’t exist, not in a way where it justifies losing Melee and Grenades. I made the Mounted Turret comparison earlier too : When you use a Mounted Turret or Detach one, you are wielding a significantly deadlier weapon in exchange for trading away Melee and Grenades.

Dual Wielding has never given a significant advantage, rather it only gave a more flexible loadout in your current active use.

But you can’t just make Dual Wield both powerful, full damage weapons in their own right, because it’s obvious 2 guns are better than one, which will lead to people just popping out, Akimboing a guy down, and ignore Melee and Grenades altogether.

For this specific balance reason, Bungie decided to nerf the guns performance in and out of dual wield to make them fit the combat triangle… to no avail, because it just does not work.

I generally liked Dual-wielding, but I get that it was dropped primarily because a lone SMG is weaker than an AR, and a paired SMG takes away ability to grenade or use equipment. If you get into a vehicle…You usually had to drop the extra gun.

An SMG paired with a plasma weapon adds even more potential, but still isn’t a large enough benefit in most situations where another player can switch betwen two different 2-handed guns. Who usually wins, guy with BR and AR, or guy with dual-wield and a second gun that they must first drop one of their dual-wielded weapons to switch to?

With some changes to what you can and can’t do while dual-wielding, maybe it would have more of a benefit.

It’s kinda why I gave my suggestion on balancing it. I don’t think the way it was done was correct and it is going to be a difficult challenge to do so. But just like sprint in Infinite, I do believe there is a way to make this balanced and a viable option.

I think that’s BS becuse destiny does just fine without that golden triangle

The way I think about it is that’s their personal taste and I think it has a place but not in the entire game

That idea belongs in MLG game types for casual fun most stuff goes as long as its fun.

To be fair Halo Infinite (outside of maybe two weapons) is extremely well balanced, so dual wielding does not work for Infinite from that perspective.

The way I’d balence it an example would be say my SMG has 25 rounds and I have 30 in reserve if I dual wield that’s 25 + 25 with 5 left over if I miss rounds I’m actually at a disadvantage but if I get a kill I might be able to get more ammo

Same idea for the pistol that’s why it’s important that you can mix weapons when your dual wield the only exception to this would be weapons like the plasma pistol and energy shield

Imagine the energy shield with the energy sword

As long as its a setting I can turn on or off I’d be happy

Same for spartan abilities that way I can make crazy fun custom games

Dual wielding was actually well balanced in Halo 2 and was another thing that was ruined by BR starts. With no BR starts, you’d run around the map with an SMG. As soon as you picked up a plasma rifle or pistol, you had an advantage in firepower over others.

You’d still lose to BR’s at mid range and over, but it was balanced that way with it being a pickup weapon.

Meh. Dual wielding really only gave us two things: The ability to absolutely melt people at very close range, or the ability to use plasma pistol + handgun to instantly headshot people.

We can have a weapon that melts at close range, and we can still use plasma pistol/pistol switch to headshot instantly. I don’t think it’s worth it to have a whole new system to accomplish these things that we can still pretty much do.