Dual-wielding: Halo infinite

So, I get people’s arguments about the game not having dual-wielding due to balance issues of the individual guns. However, why don’t we just do like Call of Duty (since we’re headed that direction) and make dual-wielded weapons a single set (like Akimbo) but you can’t throw grenades? Thus, them already being balanced when they’re introduced to the sandbox.

‘343’ can’t even arguably get balance right for weapons like the ‘Commando’, 'Plasma Carbine, or ‘Ravager.’ I’m not entirely against the idea of dual wielding, however, if they ever added dual wielding, it would be a long way off (balance wise).

Okay, random question - don’t take this personally, but why do you use single quotations for everything? It makes it a little cumbersome to read.

Back on topic, I think dual wielding is a fun idea, even if it doesn’t necessarily add anything to the sandbox. I have always held the opinion that it should be an option, especially in customs. The more options there are in customs, the more fun gametypes and modes you can create.

“Going in that direction” is a stretch where gameplay is concerned.

As for dual-wielding itself, your idea could work. If they made a pick-up weapon that’s dual-wielded by design, that takes the unbalanceable nature of random combinations out of the mix.