Dual Wielding and Spartan Abilities.

Yo guys what’s up. I had some ideas for 343. Please don’t hate guys they are trying. And after halo 5 beta, I’m prepared to buy halo 5.

The no 1 thing 343 could improve was the weapons. The thing in halo 4 that stuck out to me was no dual wielding. I was sad, but seeing as they put it back in halo 2 anniversary, and SMG in halo 5, I think they may bring it back.

Another thing is the Spartan Abilities. Not like Hover and Smart Scope, but like in Halo 4, such as Firepower and Dexterity. I think they should have these return in halo 5 better than ever. But each ability should be available to everyone. So I think they should do what they did in MCC when they gave you all the abilities, so every one has access. One I had the idea for was one called Hip Holsters. That is what Mastereo Chief uses in the books to carry his SMG’s and whatnot. This should be like if you have your dual wield smgs and you pull our your BR or whatever, and pull out your smgs you should still have dual wield.

Thanks 343 and I hope u consider#

Dual wielding was terrible, as it created a sandbox that made guns useless without a counterpart. It also eliminated the ability to use melee and grenades, thoroughly ruining the Halo Trifecfa. To boot, it would look silly seeing a Spartan thrusting around the map and clambering with two guns in hand. The TTK in H5G is already very quick, adding dual wielding could make the game way too fast.
I’m also overjoyed to see SAs gone as they muddied the smooth gameplay and created silly situations like not being able to pick up grenades after you ran out.

Both of these omissions were excellent choices by 343i, and based on community feedback. Also, Firepower would be useless without loadouts.

Was your post sarcastic? I’m thinking it may have been now that I’m finished.

Dual wielding was pretty useless in multiplayer. You were putting yourself at an extreme disadvantage by not being able to use grenades or midrange weapons like the BR.

Plus most of the dual wieldable weapons aren’t even in the game anymore. The Mauler, Spiker and Plasma Rifle have all been absent in recent games, and the Pistol and SMG now have scopes which removes the possibility of them being dual wieldable.