"Dual Play" for Halo 4

Hi guys,
I’m not a hardcore gamer, but I enjoy all the “Halo” titles. Recently my girlfriend has wanted to get involved, so I’m playing a lot of split-screen co-op. I have a 3D TV, and it has a “Dual Play” option where it merges the split screen so we each see a full screen for our character, but distorted (essentially it takes the top half of the screen and stretches it down to the full screen but only visible with the left polarization, and the stretches up the bottom half of the screen but only visible with the right polarization). The main issue is that the image we end up with is stretched.

I was wondering whether it is possible to have a function in “Halo 4” so that we could play split-screen without stretch? I don’t know heaps about coding, but it doesn’t seem too hard: When you make games 3D, it displays 2 compressed images side by side which you then use the TV to merge. Because they start compressed, stretching them to full screen puts them back into the correct ratio. You would do something similar, but instead of the same image side by side, you would have a compressed image of Player 1 and Player 2 side by side. The TV could then merge the 2 images to be full screen, un-distorted 2D gaming for each character.

This would be a truly awesome function. After all, who doesn’t want to play co-op on one console where you each get a full 47’ screen!

See below for how it works:


I have the same problem,

Would it be to difficult for 343 to release an additional option that could fix this??

I have an LG LM670T 47" 3D tv with this feature, i tried it with Reach a few times but it really didn’t work that well, i used it with my son and the game just didn’t look right when playing, plus you have to sit at the very left or right of the screen and wear the glasses,

It’s a good feature in theory, but doesn’t work that great practically!!