DTO Actively Recruiting This Week.

Hello Clan community.
This post is for people looking for a clan as well as other clan leaders.

Those looking, Hi there. My clan DTO is actively recruiting this week! We are looking for those who are competitive for our competitive division as well as our competitive team. We are looking for those who love clan raids and who prefer more casual fun gameplay for our casual division and our raid team. Lastly we are also looking for forges to join our talented forge division and forge team.

Other clans reading this, DTO is an active clan looking to do Raids, Clan Battles and alliances. Contact Zerstyer for either of the 3.

Players wanted to join, Please check out our spartan company Door To Oblivion, through the company search. Read our description and if you feel DTO is Right for you, please request to join. Once requested to join please message any of our members on xbox that you saw DigitalCanadians Post, and you would like to join.

DigitalCanadian, you might consider using the company tag (click the glowing shield in the formatting bar) so people have one-click access to your company. It will help with your recruiting for sure!

You and your 20+ members are also welcome to come on over to Heavenly Sword…it seems there are several similarities between us so I thought I’d just throw it out there. If not, no worries, and good luck in your recruiting!