DSB March Madness 4v4 Tournament

Hello all, I am Spc. Paladin of Alpha Company, Orion Platoon of the Dropshock Brigade. I would like to invite all of you to our 4v4 Competitive Tournament! The tournament is open to anyone in the world, as long as you have a team to bring!

Teams are limited to 5 players, consisting of the main 4 players, and one alternate.

Only v5 Competitive settings and maps will be used during the tournament.

You can read all official rules here.

To register your team, you must create an account on the Dropshock Brigade’s website, found at http://dropshock.net. From there, navigate to the Alpha Company March Madness 4v4 Tournament thread, found under the announcements forum, and simply post your team’s registration as a reply to the thread. The registration should preferably follow this format:

Team Name:


Please include each players exact Gamertags.

Be sure to hurry, because registration closes on March 17th!