Dropshock Brigade Recruiting

The Dropshock Brigade is a 100+ strong community. We promote competitive play and play with honour. Here is a small overview of our beliefs.

Respect every player of the game and member of the Brigade, display it through your words and actions.
Excessive cussing, and profanity is neither impressive nor tolerated. Keep it to an absolute minimum.
When referring to an Officer, the two proper honorifics are either to address them as Sir/Ma’am, or by their rank in the chain of command.
Treat every non-personnel as a potential recruit.

The Brigade does not in any way condone or support cheating, glitching or modding both in or out of matchmaking. Play fair, and to the rules of the game.
Impersonation of any Brigade personnel or non-personnel’s identity will result in discharge.
No personnel shall impersonate another rank in the chain of command by displaying themselves as such anywhere at all. Ensure to update this information accordingly with any promotions. If you are discharged, we ask that you remove our uniform, and clarify you are an ex-member.
Absolutely no T-Bagging, body melee, or any other form of disrespect to the dead is tolerated in any area of the game. There is a literally zero-tolerance policy on this matter.

If you’re interested in joining our ranks visit http://dropshock.net

See you soon recruit!

Y’all have a thread already:


Clans are allowed only ONE thread for recruiting purposes.