Dropshock Brigade Is Recruiting

When you hear of the Dropshock Brigade I want the first thing that comes to your mind to be a “team”…

Many clans these days claim to be a team. And yet, they don’t really act like or even function as one.

To the Dropshock Brigade, being a member of a team, means more than being a name on a roster. As a member of the Dropshock Brigade, you are a part of family. A community of gamers who want to come together in a collaborative effort to achieve a common goal.

We do not mandate uniforms. We do not dictate reverence to superiors. All members are to be treated with respect.

Membership in the Dropshock Brigade is not given, it is earned. To take your place in our ranks you must prove your fidelity to our team. We may be small, but our members are active participants in game. The Dropshock Brigade does not pad its roster with names, those listed on our roster have earned their place and are active in our community.

That being said it doesn’t take much to join our ranks:

  • Be at least 18 years old (younger players may be considered on a case by case basis) - Have a working microphone - Have Discord - Be able to participate in at least 1 event per weekIf the Dropshock Brigade sounds like a team you’d be interested in joining, I invite you to check out our website www.Dropshock.us

Dropshock Brigade
“Feet First Into Hell”

Need to know more?

Everything you need or want to know can be found on our website at www.Dropshock.us

However I will provide additional details:

The Dropshock Brigade has a ranking structure primarily tied to staff related positions.
Members have an opportunity to advance in rank based on time in service and personal improvement in game.
For those who wish only to be apart of an outstanding and fun community, driven by teamwork, upward mobility is limited.
But members have an opportunity to advance into staff positions that help shape how our community moves forward and what challenges we decide to take on.

I want to reiterate that rank is not used in the Dropshock Brigade as some sort of “power” mechanism. And no member will ever be required to address another member by their rank. Ranks and positions in the Dropshock Brigade are used to identify roles, roles that keep us focused and on track.

I promise that you have not seen or been apart of a group like ours.

If you want to know more or wish to enlist with the Dropshock Brigade, please visit our website at www.Dropshock.us

Dropshock Brigade
“Feet First Into Hell”

Hello folks! We hope those of you who were selected to participate in the tech preview this weekend are enjoying it!

You don’t have to enjoy or even power through the preview on your own, we’ve got a few folks (including myself) who are participating.

For those who may be interested in joining the Dropshock Brigade we ask that you meet the following requirements:

  • Have a working microphone - Play at least once per week - For the time being have Halo: MCC (we do not actively participate in Halo 5) with plans to purchase Infinite - Have DiscordYou aren’t required to be in the Infinite flight (this weekend or nexts). But if you are and you want to try it as a member of a team, check us out! Visit our website Dropshock.us for more details!

We support gamers on PC and Xbox from around the world! Jump Feet First Into Hell! Join the Dropshock Brigade today!

Lets answer some questions:

Are you tired of playing alone or with a bunch of randoms?
Are you tired of being team killed for a weapon or vehicle?
Are you tired of playing with AFK players?
Are you tired of losing because your teammates are off doing their own things?
Are you tired of playing with teammates who don’t communicate?

Are you ready to drop, Feet First Into Hell?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then its time to check out our website [www.Dropshock.us

This weekend the Dropshock Brigade will be participating in the Halo Infinite Flight. We invite you to stand shoulder to shoulder with us.

  • Must have a microphone
  • Must have Discord

Don’t wait…participate…

The Dropshock Brigade is small. But, we aren’t going to sacrifice our values in order to up our numbers on the roster, for the sake of having names on the roster.

We know that players can be fickle and we understand that we may not be for everyone. But we have a reason for how we operate and it isn’t trivial.

Being apart of the Dropshock Brigade is more than playing Halo as a part of a team. It’s meant to be an experience all on its own.

We invite you to take those first steps into an exciting future, with some of the best people around!

We are looking for members who:

  • Are at least 18 years of age (this may be waived on a case by case basis) - Have a working microphone - Are on either PC or Xbox - Have DiscordWe are currently active in Halo MCC but will of course be moving to Infinite once it releases.
    We are primarily active in North America but would love to expand if we can find the right people.

Dropshock Brigade is a Halo exclusive community, whether you are competitive, casual, into custom matches or want to play the campaign, in the Dropshock Brigade its Halo…all day every day.

Staff positions are available for the right people, so if you are interested in really making your mark, we would love to hear from you.

So…if you are ready to experience how clans are supposed to be…check us out, www.Dropshock.us

Dropshock Brigade
“Feet First Into Hell”