Dropping the flag and Disabling Sprint

When will we have the ability to do this?

As custom game options I hope. Halo 5 or in one of the next TUs.

I doubt ever, that may mean that the flagnum has to be disabled and a new animation to be created just for an option.

In the next TU maybe but probably not at all.

I read somewhere that we would get these options in the future before this game’s release, straight from what 343i said. I can’t provide a source though. I read that months ago.

It needs to happen soon! The Classic Playlist needs this! Well I guess we need a Classic Playlist first…

Disabling sprint already exists as an option, you just can’t see it. It works the same way “secondary heavy vehicle” did in Halo 2. The feature is there, there just isn’t a toggle for it in the UI.

If that’s not forcing unwanted settings on us, I don’t know what is.

Sprint has already been disabled by modding. you can also play as flood in regular slayer. pretty fun :stuck_out_tongue: