Dropping Rank In 3x4s

I’ve lost a not-insubstantial amount of rank in multiple ranked matches with either immediate quits or that started out as 3v4. Anyone else seeing this? Pretty dispiriting. We can’t even choose playlists, so obviously a team man-down in gametypes like Strongholds simply has no chance in a serious game.

While we’re at it, any insight from 343 as to the MMR/CSR algorithm would be helpful. H5 was remarkably transparent with Dr. Menke giving us borderline play-by-play information on rank–even half of that transparency would be lovely.

EDIT: Just dropped CSR for quitting a 1 vs 4. Nice.

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That would be disappointing.

Halo 5 penalised the quitters but tended to soften the blow for those poor fools left behind. You CSR would obviously go down but I think your drop in MMR was minimised somewhat.

Hopefully just teething problems…

Yeah, just happened in two straight matches. H5 heavily, heavily discounted games with quitters early on. We do not appear to be doing that right now. Also, I’ve noticed big CSR gains when we’re advantaged too–doesn’t make any more sense on that end either.

I’m curious if it’s driven by individual performance. Most people will simply give up and allow the other team a quick 250-0, for example, rather than waste everyone’s time with a foregone conclusion when man down. Curious if the algorithm is reading that as a terrible performance.

I’m sure it will shake out in the long term. That being said, some knowledge about how ranking works wouldn’t go awry.

Ranked needs some serious adjustments.

Games start with 3v4 before you even get a chance to move. (Should not start at all or at least given a time out or timer before match start, like CSGO).

If a player drops a game due to a crash, they should be allowed to rejoin, especially knowing the feature already exists in QP.

Ranked tiers needs a huge explanation or overhaul. 2 Onyx, 1 Diamond and a Plat shouldn’t be paired against 1 Diamond, 2 Plats and a Gold.

Another day, another batch of matches with quitters and match-start 3v4s for loss of CSR. Given how much quitting we’re seeing probably due to lack of dedicated playlists, the least we could do is sort the penalties for quitters. Forget about cosmetics–this is actually making me want to drop this game until there’s at least a functional ranking system.

This is my main issue at the moment. I’m playing against plats and diamonds at the moment, which is fine as I’m plat, but then I look at my teammates after the match and it’s a different story.

This last match was against diamonds and plats but my team was 2 unrankeds and a silver. It’s doing my head in lol

I understand the unranked being put into matches due to MMR, but there’s more than enough players going around for teams to be made up of similar ranks.

They need to sort their MMR out then, 'cos every unranked I’m getting on my team is going like 2-17. Only saving grace is I’m always top of the board so I haven’t really gone down at all but still, it’s not very fun.