Dropping out of the forums

I don’t wanna keep coming back here anymore, seeing all of these topics explaining how there’s such a division in communities, what we want and don’t want. It’s gotten too divided and the games are going down hill. Halo wars 2 may have brought a spark back but many thought that with the Halo 5 beta. I don’t see this being a good idea. For now, I’m gonna tune out of the forums, and maybe I’ll leave Halo. TubbyClient85 already quit halo now. Granted he’s been here since Reach according to his profile, but he’s played for a while. he quit now. Im close to quitting Halo, now it’s Halo Wars 2 or bust. If this game sucks then i’m out. I can’t play a game that is becoming COD when COD is also becoming Halo. The game I grew up with, the thing that kept me playing is dying. I accept it and will move on to better things (Perhaps Gears of War will entertain me if Halo falls). I’ll let the new community have their game. It’s lost. goodbye for now forums.

Hopefully we’ll see you back on the forums someday, and I hope your love for halo comes back to you!

Hope you come back, its sad to see another go away.


I could also keep little break from forums, maybe.

That’s fine if you’re leaving the forums, but you don’t need to write a post explaining why.

I haven’t given up hope entirely on Halo, I hope one day that I’ll come back to playing the games. And I hate to see you go as well. Perhaps we’ll see each other in our other paths.

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> If you want old school halo, you’ve always got MCC, don’t forget.

Everybody knows how that works. But big deal just another player saying hes leaving Halo or something like that. I have seen a lot of these and it is getting boring. The " make another thread on how I’m leaving Halo" thing should stop.

Hopefully we’ll see you have on the forums again at some point OP, have fun with Gears if you decide to pick it up :slight_smile: