Dropping out of game......

Well I’ve noticed a few topics on here that have the same problems that I’m having and since pretty much all the names were taken I guess this one will have to do. Anyway if you haven’t figured it out by now…yes I too am getting randomly kicked out, booted, dropped whaaaaaaaaat ever but this is getting really, Really, REAlly REALLY OOOOOOLD.

Straight up this is the only game doing this to me and its not my end because I’ve gone as far as to monitored my internet. I say this because I’ve told myself “I must be having lag spikes some how hmmm let me go fix this!” and the only reason why I thought this was because it fits the picture. I’m in a game blah blah blah and all of a sudden a couple little lag skips but nothing major but when it happens a SH** load of times you begin to see the pattern that when it does happen all you can say is “OH GOD…not again” and BOOM! your back to selecting your playlist as if nothing even happened (Yes this means everything is online and good to go) .

So now what…am I unreliable to my team? Should I cross my fingers, oh wait I need those so I’ll just cross my toes and hope every game I join doesn’t sh** the bed on me… and I would also like to add that this has never happened to me before these recent updates.

Heck at this rate I’ll have people going through the xbox report and eventually get banned for quitting/poor sport.