Drop wall is so garbage

By the time you deploy it, you most likely die by the time it hits the floor

and if you’re using it for aggro pushes, they just walk away or shoot one square and poof there goes your cover

Just make it a bubble shield and call it a day


The drop wall is pretty much only designed to stop heavy weapons instead of regular weapons (sniper, rocket , skewer, etc) and provide a bit of defense against grenade spam. I would personally reduce the amount of equipment from 3 to 1, reduce the size and height by third or half~, add collision so enemies cant pass through, increase his duration by 2 or 3 times and increase its durability to take a full BR clip or at least half one for each tile (while making them take additional damages against plasma)


I’ve used Drop Wall effectively only once and that was in campaign to shield me from the sentinels on that slow gondola. In MP I swap it out for literally any other option immediately.


You have to pre throw it basically, its not bad tbh but the need to pre throw is why it dont feel so strong.

Ngl i miss my armor lock from reach lol, but that was abit strong.

I just wish the shield had more resistance to explosives


I like it for very specific situations, exp if I’m having a sniper war against another sniper. I also like it that plasma and pike grenades instant detonate on the shields too.

If you rotate between the squares you get way more shielding out of it though and not just stick behind one that will obviously give way really quickly.


I like it. First, dont throw it when looking forward. Aim toward the ground and then throw it. Second, if you are already in a engagement then its probably best to not use it unless there is a small window of opportunity.

I use it when
*Just before i turn a corner, to give me a good second or two to see what i am going to be dealing with, and if i should continue using the cover or retreat.
*Use it when its against certain weapons. For example, the commando, BR, sidekick, any power weapon.

The drop wall will completely block any explosion, and for BR players their rate of fire is too slow to hit each square before you kill them yourself. When the player hits each square, simply move to a different angle of the attacker so they are forced to hit more and more squares to hit you.


It’s definitely got very specific application. I’ve only really found a use for it if guarding a particular route (say to the Oddball or to a stronghold), and I’m trying to cover multiple lines of sight.

We’ve all had that scenario when you look in one direction, turn away, and then somebody appears form that direction. he drop shield allows you to at least not get grenade spammed from the direction you’re not looking at, if you see what I mean.

I’m beginning to hate how many things in this game require me to look at my feet to actually use in an advantageous way.


I think every animation is sluggish, to be honest. Also, the drop shield actually works well in the Campaign. However, you really don’t want it to be a 1-sided wall either, so I can see why the bubble shield is a more balanced alternative rather than a stronger drop shield.

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I rather they just turned it into the bubble shield.


Hold on their bud, that’d mean them having to acknowledge that Bungie did something objectively better!

Joking aside the bubble shield would be so much better its not even funny, it would make cheesing the rocket launchers in fiesta so funny. hell even if it was just a half bubble shield (or bubble wall) which was invincible for 15 seconds or something.


It’s really useful only in a few situations and with the right timing. In the campaign is actually so good, I don’t know how many times I used it in my legendary run, the maxed out version is basically indestructible, it’s not even funny.

I thought this when the game first dropped, but now that I have learned how to use it, it basically guarantees a kill with every deploy. Land your shots and move left to right as the panels drop and you should win every 1v1 encounter.


it’s so bad… against any regular weapon, like ar, br, mangler, etc… it’s useless. grenades? i guess if you want to avoid spam. but 1 grenade nukes it, so good luck
and i guess you could toss it down before someone fires a rocket or sniper shot, but… 1 rocket, again will just nuke it and most likely do some damage to you. assuming you tossed it in time… given the delay, the player with the rockets would have most likely killed you by the time the shield even goes up. and i guess it is useful against the sniper… but firstly, that’s one gun it’s good against. secondly, if it’s close range… the marksman can just… toss a nade to nuke it, leaving you in the open, again

Drop wall is such a better design than the bubble shield. The destructible nature of it is deliberate; it’s meant to facilitate offense from the user by being shot through, but also offense from the attacker by being destructible. The bubble shield is little more than a stalemate tool that effectively halts gameplay in a location for 20 seconds unless you want to play an asinine game of peekaboo with the user, and no one smart ever does so they just disengage. It was cool in the H3 trailer and literally nothing else.

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the drop wall is a preventive powerup, don’t use it after you spot the enemy.


I pretty much only use it to cover a blind side when I’m trying to hold a point or throw it behind me when I’m running away and need something to buy me time and block grenade spams while trying to get my shields back. Outside of that…ya its a pretty trash item.

Yep, if you have to look away from your enemy just to make it borderline useful, it’s bad.

Interestingly enough, shock weapons can’t pierce it. So it’s actually pretty good just for baiting someone with a shock rifle until they can be dealt with.

Armor lock was actually useful in Reach and fun to use. IMO infinite needs loadouts like Reach, and bring back assassinations.