Drop wall and threat sensor are useless

Drop wall and threat sensor feel like the most useless equipment. Or at least in comparison to other equipment. I really think drop wall should be able to take more damage, and threat sensors should go off longer.

The threat sensor gets better the higher level of competitive play you’re at. Being able to peek corners before engages is a great tool. I could see them buffing it a little bit. But I mostly like where it’s at.

The drop shield, I think, either needs more health or more surface area. I would like to see the bubble shield come back if they were able to balance it properly.


I wouldn’t mind if they made the threat sensor last a lot longer, but reduced radius. Or increased radius and kept as is for duration. Personally I like the indea of shorter range and longer duration. So many fun use cases, like attaching it to a teammate so they have a little radar following them, or a vehicle or something.

Drop wall absolutely needs more health. It pretty much always puts me at a disadvantage. The time delay for deploying it is more harmful than the benefit of .3 seconds of defense.

I think the option of increasing the range slightly and keeping it’s current duration would be the most fair way to buff it. At higher levels, it’s a very powerful tool. I’ve used it several times to save my own skin and win a fight where I otherwise would’ve been killed around a corner.

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Drop wall is intended to be deployed before engagements to set up power positions. Given that our allows you to shoot through it, I don’t think the panels can become any more powerful (although massive you could make it wider /taller.

Once you are in an engament it’s too late to deploy it 9/10 times.

Overall I think it’s pretty powerful if used effectively.

  • each panel can eat 1-2 shots so if you can effectively “resource manage” your panels by strafing to the next panel as one as destroyed, for example, then you can get a free kill with most guns without receiving any damage - so you can pretty easily use it to win 2v1s.
  • if you are trying to disengage from a fight but are being chased (this depends on your sensitivity and the situation), you can turn 180 very quickly to deploy the shield and then turn back 180 to continue your escape until shields are recovered so you can engage again.

Also I don’t know if it would break balance, but I think it would increase viability a lot of you could deploy multiple of these equient pieces (currently if you deploy a second drop wall, the first one self destruct).

Edit: i just wanted to add that I think one of the reasons the drop wall probably isn’t liked is because it isn’t “fun” to deploy. It’s definitely good and advantageous but it is missing that interactive casual fun factor like the bubble shield has. Halo infinite definitely needs to add back these more casual equipment pieces, even if they are only used in social (side note - I think social playlists should be as casual as possible, while remaining balanced - throw in all the goofy equipment, even if it makes the game less competitive. Ranked playlist is for competitive play)

Dropwall is not useless at all. These are the same type of people that say sliding is useless. Meanwhile all pro players slide like crazy and acknowledge that drop wall is useful… Hmm lets think about this one…

Used correctly the dropwall is probably one of the best equipments.

It gives you a clear durability advantage over your opponent. If you’re both using the same weapon, you effectively win because if you land all your shots, and he lands all his shots, oh look, the wall ate some of them.

If anything I’d say the overshield is problematic for effectively being an even easier drop wall.

I found the drop wall quite effective in countering power weapons and grenade spam at objectives or giving your side an edge when fighting over a power weapon.

The threat sensor has it’s use in competitive but I agree that it should be replaced with one of the other 4 in social games.

Drop wall has always seemed a bit weak to me. I miss the bubble shield but I agree that was op