drop the in-game join option for gods sake!

seriously I got now 3 times in a row into the same game.

When you join into a game in progress you are almost always in the team which will lose 100%

I start to understand these guys who say halo is becoming cod.

Well think about it the only people who quit are really the ones who rage quit because they are losing. So the majority of the time you will be placed on a time that is losing, but one thing that bothers me is that it still counts as a full match on your stats when you join into a match that is half way in progress so my W/L ratio is trash. They should put an option where your matchmaking will only search for people in a lobby before a game starts or you can select for it to search for people in a lobby and people in-game.

I agree that you shouldn’t be able to join a matchmade game in progress.

But I do think you should be able to rejoin a matchmade game in progress if you were already in it. For instance; if you lag out of a game, you should be able to rejoin as soon as possible.