Drop the flag...

I’m sure there’s posts around here about it, but as I can’t seem to find this “search” function that I’m assured is just at the top of my forum, I’m going to make another one…

CTF is jacked, one of my favorite gametypes of all time, and I can’t stand it. I’m a flag runner, it’s what I’ve always done since I first touched a flag on Warlock over a decade ago, but now, when I pick one up, I’m given a magnum (which is a decent enough weapon at close range and has it’s purpose) but I’m also STUCK with that magnum, and I also have a giant “shoot me” arrow on my face.

The arrow reduces the need to communicate, and punishes the flag carrier,
The inability to drop the flag punishes the carrier,
Auto pickup creates some severely bad gameplay moments which punish players for being near the objective,
And the magnum, while being an upgrade from no weapon (which I think was fine) again, punishes the flag carrier because he’s restricted to a weapon which cannot defend him against more than one attacker, or at any real range (and in a 5v5, with a giant arrow over your head, that’s gonna happen)

I like a lot of the changes to this game, and overall like it, but seriously, WTF is going on with CTF right now?