Drop support on Xbox One

2013 will be the 10th anniversary of Xbox One, which Infinite is available on. I, like a lot, feel that Infinite was held back a bit due to them having to keep it available on Xbox One. However, by next year, I think 343 and Microsoft should for the game on Xbox One. The console is extremely old, and people have been given people of time to upgrade to either Xbox Series X|S or PC. Infinite shouldn’t be restricted by old tech. If not next year, then by the release of Halo: The Endless at the latest. You agree or disagree?

I agree that at some point support for the base Xbox One version will drop. Might only have the Xbox One X and the Series S to worry about.

That said, I don’t see this decision coming not even next year. Sure, the Xbox One released in 2020, but the pandemic, supply shortages, and scalpers made sure to hold back consumers from getting an Xbox. PC players were in a similar boat if they wanted to build their PC around Infinite (luckily I got my build done before the pandemic hit) many people are only just now grabbing Xbox Series X’s and RTX cards. That also doesn’t account for all the people who were waiting for the pre-owned market and price cuts to hit. Or that the game hasn’t even been out a full year and has to worry about brining people back in the first place.

If Microsoft and 343 want the transition to next-gen be as seamless as possible for the average player, especially in these times, then they have to keep the old Xbox One in mind for the foreseeable future. Maybe support will shift over if there will be a relaunch. Who knows? The last time they tried to force next-gen too soon the Xbox One became a laughing stock until executives were shifted at Microsoft and Xbox.