Drop Sprint/Better ranking system

Sprint just doesn’t work in halo and definitely won’t work in H5. If 343i wants to gain a larger community they need to completely get rid of it. Players escape way too easily and all it does is frustrate the opposing team. The thruster isn’t bad but the timer needs to be extended when you can consecutively use it. When you have players sprinting away that are one shot you have to chase after them to kill them, exposing yourself to the rest of the team as well. 343i thinks that if you add the inability to recharge your shields when sprinting it evens up the playing field. No. It doesn’t. All it does is annoying the hell out of me while I have to hear a never ending beeping sound in my ears. For rookie halo players I’m sure it’s just as annoying for pro players. I know 343i wants to look into the future of halo but you can easily do that without having sprint. I can make you guys millions of dollars by giving you a little hint. ALL PEOPLE WANT IS A COMPETITIVE RANKING SYSTEM. That’s it! Broaden your ranking system by giving a more detailed set of skill gap/rank that separates yourself from other players. It’s that simple. People play to have fun but the main reason people play is to talk about how good their stats/rank are and what they are on some kind of leaderboard. In game leaderboards like COD would be awesome. Filtered by win rates, KDs, etc. New maps would do excite players as well but I’m sorry sprint and all these extra abilities just irritate players. It’s not just me, 100% of people i talk to who have played the bets say they hate it because of sprint. 343i needs to listen to their community for once. This game has the most potential of all the halo games so don’t screw it up. Onyx divisions… Pro divisions and that stuff too has a good concept like in Halo Reach but the system needs to be broadened somehow and include playlist ranks. That’s why h3 and h2 were so popular. H4 everyone enjoyed but the fun never continued to be there because there was nothing to achieve like a higher rank.

Sprint seems fine to me. I don’t have a lot of lost kills from it. If they do happen to get away, my team mate will usually get him from another angle, since his shields won’t be up anytime soon.

I don’t mind the boost and other abilities either. They’re cool and different and add another layer of depth to the game. Something new to master. Originally I thought the slam would be too powerful, but I rarely see anyone get a kill with it (I only have once, myself).

I do agree on a better skill-based ranking system… I think that is one of the most important aspects of Halo and a big reason why Reach and H4 died so quickly between me and my friends.

The game has a skill bases ranking system. What’s your issue with it?

I actually think it’s fine right now because you remain vulnerable while sprinting. I’ve popped heads off people sprinting away from fights plenty of times. You may not have noticed, but there is a counter-sprint as well. If your shields are down and you are under fire, you will not be able to sprint. I’ve tried it, I was getting shot at, and when I tried to sprint my spartan started to enter the sprint animation but immediately left it and I was forced back into base movement speed and died. It’s fine.

There is a ranking system yes but it’s too small. Now I dunno what the final game will be like but can you honestly say if it’s the exact same way it is right now you’d enjoy it?

going back to sprint… Too many times am I in a position to kill somebody and boom one thruster behind a wall. One shot to die… And he’s running around sprinting in circles, I go one way he goes the other… I don’t have time for that crap. It just prolongs a battle and irritates me. Yes both teams have sprint… No -Yoink-. But it favors the player running away from God player they are being chased by because they are the ones choosing the route to run therefore the gap the player trying to chase always ends up farther behind. It’s so newbish. Yes I used the word noob lol