Drop Spawns broke (Is there a patch coming?)

Credit goes to Menotoyou for this…

For those who know what drop spawns are, this will probably come as a shock to you. If you don’t please take 30 seconds to google it or ask someone of knowlege what they are.

So I tried to make a map with drop spawned weapons for my mock settings.

When I tested the game in slayer, I ran to the closest weapon. To my surprise, the weapon was not there. At first I assumed that it had something to do with infinity slayer.

I went into theater, and found that the weapon actually did spawn. I then fast fowarded two minutes (to when it should spawn) and it spawned perfectly on time.

So what was the problem? Why wasn’t it there?

Upon closer inspection, I found that the weapon only stays on the map 13 seconds before despawning.

I tested this on a normal weapon by dropping a magnum and looking to see how long it took to despawn.

It didn’t. After 3:30 minutes, I walked to another area of the map. I was gone for around 30 seconds and I came back to find it had despawned after not despawning for three and a half minutes.

I then walked over to a drop spawn weapon. I waited for it to spawn and stared at it. As long as I was looking at it and within a short distance, it stayed spawned.

I backed up while still looking at the weapon and when I got a certain distance away, the weapon despawned even though I was looking at it.

In other words, weapons in this game despawn after 13 seconds if someone isn’t very close to it.

If you are near it, it will literally never despawn (at least until your xbox dies of being on for years). However, if you get to far away, it is gone.

Another problem with this is that when the game starts, there is a 10 second waiting period, meaning that the first weapons will despawn 3 seconds after the game starts unless they spawn right next to the player.

Verdict: Drop spawns are not usable, which means static spawns do not exist in Halo 4. Only Dynamic spawns.

This destroys one of the key mechanics of competitive play. Will there be a fix soon.