Driver's-side commanding in Campaign

Of course everyone has had those frustrating moments while playing solo campaign where you’re driving a Warthog or something and a heavy turret or Wraith was opening fire on you and your gunner decides to just shoot at a pretty much irrelevant target, like a measly Grunt that you could run over or have the passenger shoot.

Had that moment while I was playing Halo 4 today. Now I was thinking, how cool would it be if you could command your gunner? Let’s say you’re driving a Warthog with 2 Marines riding with you, and you’re going up against a large force consisting of a couple heavy Shades in the rear with a few Elite and Grunt reinforcements scattered around them. In this situation, you could press, let’s say A, depending on your button scheme, while you hover the little rooftop reticle over the Shade you select and it would put a red target over it, sounding with a light beep. At that moment, you would hear the Marine in the gunner seat yell, “I got it!” and he’d open fire on the turret. Once the target you spotted is destroyed, the Marine would continue combating the forces it chooses to engage until you spot another priority-one target. It’d finally give that reticle more meaning than just direction.


I like this idea, but Halo really just needs smarter friendly AI period. I’m more concerned with their ability to DRIVE vehicles.