Drivable forklifts?

People talk a lot about the golden triangle of halo and the sandbox and all of that stuff. But what theyre missing is perhaps the most important feature we have lost. Drivable forklifts. This feature, or item, i should way is probably the most important thing to the halo sandbox. And i think they could add a ton to halo infinite.

In halo reach, the forklifts were very basic, they allowed you to drive them around like any other vehicle. They were floaty when driving which made them unique. And you could do a honk. I think halo infinite could expand on this. Have the forklift be able to lift things up and down and let us choose how much strenth they get in custom games. Imagine you have a forklift that works as a jump pad, where a player could stand on the platform and the player driving the forklift could throw them in the air with a ton of force.

I think 343 could also bring back the ordinance system from halo 4. And let any player be able to call in their own personal forklift. This would add another dimension to the sandbox of halo infinite.

And for 343, you could add so much customization for this forklift to monetize to help pay for future development. You could customize the tires, windows, platform, sound of horn etc. You name it and it could be done.

This is why i think drivable enhanced forklifts should be added to the game.


Better yet, T’vaoans driving the forklifts, this would bring back the two features Halo has needed since their absence.

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I hope forklifts return with forge so somebody can finally make a last forklift certified driver standing mode.



It would be so cool to actually lift objects with it.

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The Great Journey waits for no forklift

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Omg they could add a driving course to academy with the forklift!!!