Dream Halo Matchmaking Game You Wish Could be True

This thread is to discuss a match that has never been played before but it also never has been implemented in matchmaking. Simply if your bored discuss what you would like to put in your battle diary while playing a match.
Heres choices not mandetory for picking but just choose then make your own.

  1. 7 warthogs, 4 falcons, 3 elephants and 3 tanks going the same speed, on the other side you see the blue team waiting for you with an army of 8 prowlers, 4 wraiths, 2 scarabs, a super scarab (h2 scarab),and a bunch of hovering covy vehicles. Your army waits on your side, the other on theres, you scream to the top of your lungs, the rest is up to you (make your story for example:chuck norris comes out of nowhere with a nerf gun).

  2. Your team spawns on one side, the other on the other, you with your br and dmr, and a group of AI’s with there huge vehicles on ur back, the blue team has theirs, you…

  3. My personal dream battle.

Your in an elephant, you see your teamates with 10 pelicans, 20 warthgos, 10 tanks, 5 elephants, a mythos, hornets and falcons(50). The other side is covy, and have 40 phantoms, 30 powlers, 5 scarabs, and 2 super scarabs (h2), and then 1 mega scarab. Seraphs swarming hte sky, with 30 blue teamers controlling a carrier, droping hteir load, oh by the way,each side has 300 players. Then you feel safe becuase 20 of ur guys are onboard an orbital mac platform.
You wait, they wait for the call. U simply say charge. (Halo wars freefall music starts playing), serina cracks lame joke, chuck norris come out of nowhere and …

please discuss fellow halo lovers

If only that were true…

to be honest, id rather just have option one which is the most plausible as vehicle combat should be seperate from player vs player, i come to btb for vehicle hectic special objective fun. Basically one word (EPIC!!!)