Dragon head muzzle looks

The coatings and the attachment were cool for 600cr so i dont feel too bad about purchasing that bundle since red and black is my fav color combo, but -Yoink!- the dragon head BR muzzle is the worst looking thing from first person ive ever seen.

Looks amazing from a side profile, but why design it so it looks like a dried up peice of beef on the end of my gun in first person which is how I see it 90% of the time?


Haha I also play with weapon offset and I have to say it does not look like I had hoped although I still like how it is coloured different with each coating. The whitey silver tip is frosty.

That’s a tip for everyone, depending on how you offset your weapons, you can see more of the screen.

This is just a problem with third person perspective translating to first person.

I mean, you bought a dragon head muzzle to put on a gun in Halo, did you expect it to look good?


You’ve unlocked the mighty Bacon Dragon.
Your enemies are screwed.

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He expected it to look like a dragon like everyone else did. Not a chewed up piece of gum as I saw one article describe it. I got it too an was disaapointed. The eagle attachment for the AR is really bad too. They fooled me twice so I’m not sure if I’ll get any more weapons attachments before seeing in first person first.

How would you expect it to look like a dragon both from the front and behind?

My comment was to make the point that cosmetics like this just don’t mesh well in a military science fiction universe like Halo, I’m not exactly sure what you expected.


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