Downranking vs Upranking

I have been playing a lot of Ranked Arena lately, and have noticed that the penalty for losing a match seems to be quite heavy when compared to winning a match. I can play multiple matches against similarly skilled teams and win multiple matches without really seeing an advancement in rank. But if I rematch one of those teams in another game, and play with similar skill but lose, I can drop a marked amount in the playlist rank. It then takes a few more games to bring that rank back to where it was, only for it to stagnate again. This happens with teams and solo queue. Can someone explain this phenomena or point me to a post that discusses it, because it’s annoying and I’d like to be informed. Thanks.

If you want to gain a better understanding of the ranking system feel free to read through Zaedynfel’s matchmaking feedback threads and you can leave your thoughts (provided they are constructive in the most recent one.)