Downloading Videos from your Halo File Share?

So i was trying to download a video that i put on my halo reach file share and then i tried with my Halo 4 file share but there is no option to download or even watch the videos, I was wondering is there will be an option or if 343 has stuffed up on this part of waypoint.

I know i was just looking. its -Yoink-. 343 better get their act together reeeeaaal quick.

A) No file share option on waypoint.

B) Only shows u 5or so of ur medals and doesn’t show u all ur other medals so u can’t compare with ur friends.

C) As for online game play. The hit boxes are all wonky. Sticky grenades stick to players to easy and don’t need to be thrown accurately now every noob and his dog runs around kamikaze throwing stikies and getting mirrical sticks before dying and they think they’re all of a sudden grown miracle skill ever since halo 4 came out.

I hate it so much.

ALSO. It doesn’t even show your KD ratio. And when u look up other played you can’t see ANY of their worth while stats, You can’t search for someone else’s KD ratio.

Its the worst waypoint ever.

343 better get their act together.

They said they would have it done by now, the file share at least, they said they’d have it up “next month” last month. I love 343, don’t get me wrong but I miss my mobile waypoint as well as my file share… But then again, they said that we would be able to have lowering weapons in multiplayer this year in an interview as well, you can see how that turned out. Lowering weapon in this one is also funky, not just the way to do it but the way the spartan holds it. The spartan lifts it when they walk like they’re from halo 1. Regardless, 343, please work on your kinks, otherwise your hose will break.

Even when they do get the file share up and running, you won’t be able to get your videos off of your xbox without game capture tech. The only way that ever happened with Halo’s file shares was with Bungie Pro and of course that’s history. You had to pay for it and it gave you x amount of upload space. It was pretty good for speedrunners, trickers and youtubers. So we won’t see that technology for a while (at least not free).

> They said they would have it done by now, the file share at least, they said they’d have it up “next month” last month.

It’s not January yet, and they didn’t say when in January file access will be available. We all have to wait a bit longer. :\