"Downloading Latest Data":

When I go into matchmaking I get a screen that pops up and says “Downloading Latest Data - Downloading the latest matchmaking data, please wait”

The problem is no matter how long I wait it never goes away unless I hit the cancel button. It the let’s me go into matchmaking but I never find a game.

Is anyone else experiencing this? and are you in the preview program as well?

I cant play for -Yoink-!!! It been stuck on tjat for like 2 whole weeks straight its not my intetnet connection becauzs everything says to be running good except when it comes to the halo game i get stuck on that screen

I tried for hours and hours and hours but no it never lets me.i cant bypass it 7months after its release and there release and still cant fix it lmfao!!! Im done with this game 343 sucks -Yoinking!- -Yoink- peice of -Yoink-

Confirming that I have this same problem. Been like this for the past week. I hit cancel to get past that screen and sometimes it finds a game, sometimes not. Sigh. I hate this game.

same issue here guys they need to fix that!

Been getting this all day today, even trying to cancel, reboot, restart quit anything, still getting this. UK only game I am having problems with (again)

Been having same problem.
Now it’s worse where the game won’t load the main menu

This game is such a big disappointment, I got it on release night and maybe played 3 hrs sofar.“Mostly campaign offline” So i get on tonight figure they’ve fixed the bs. But No lol Downloading Latest Data error i guess tried for last few hours. No luck though. This game is junk for online play. good Job mucking up a classic


Same problem only i just bought the game should of read the forums first.
Anyway what kind of fuxed up company dosent have a customer support phone number…
i just added a forum about 1 hour before this one was posted its like three below this one… this company really messed up this game hopefully the GEARS remakes wont be anything like this…
back to titanfall i go


Can yal pease fix it plz

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